Why language should be at the heart of your business

What tops your list of business priorities?

Promoting growth? Increasing profits? Improving efficiency perhaps?

If doing business beyond the UK is important to you, there is one key element that can help you achieve all this and more.

Language and translation is critical; so, where does it feature in your priorities? Here’s 5 reasons why language should be at the heart of every business:

It opens up new opportunities

No business wants to limit its opportunities for growth and success, yet choosing to communicate in just one language will inevitably do so. In today’s globalised economy, being a multilingual business will open up doors to do business with clients and customers in new markets. The more languages you can operate in, the greater your toolkit for building financial success abroad.

You can develop better relationships with your customers

Over time, increased importance has been placed on the customer experience, including how customers perceive and value companies. Trust in a brand is everything. By getting your translation right, and improving the quality and accuracy of communications across every level of your business, you can build better relationships with your customers, increase customer loyalty and accelerate your growth, as a direct result.

It increases your ability to compete

Good translation will get you noticed in the global market and help you reach out to a greater number of overseas customers. Fail to do so and you’ll struggle to compete against other companies that have gained a foothold within valuable customer databases abroad. According to a report by Forbes Insight in conjunction with Rosetta Stone, organisations with a high degree of multilingualism will increase efficiency, productivity and quality, beyond those that don’t. It makes sense then, that investing in language will improve your business’ ability to compete in the global market.

Your marketing will be more effective

Without good marketing your business success will be limited. But inaccurate, incomprehensible, or simply ineffective translated material will do the same for your business as no marketing at all. It’s important, particularly for small businesses, to get your product or service noticed and talked about in new markets. Put language at the heart of your business and you could benefit from improved marketing communications that are critical in gaining you more clients and customers.

Your understanding of new markets will improve

Inevitably, the more you know about the target audiences and markets you want to do business with, the better your chances of success – and language can play a key role in achieving this. One of the main reasons to enlist the help of professional linguists is because, beyond accurate and efficient translation, they also offer a strong comprehension of underlying cultural values, belief structures and common perspectives abroad. Language services can help you bridge the gap between your culture and that of others, enabling you to effectively collaborate, navigate and negotiate potentially complex business relationships.

While language should be a priority for any business looking to break into new markets overseas, you don’t have to go it alone. Get in touch with us here at Every Translation to talk through your requirements and discuss how we can help.