Translation and Interpreting Provider Ltd. (TIP)
About us

Translation and Interpreting Provider Ltd. (TIP) started as a project which launched in Suffolk in 1996 to provide translation and interpreting services for the public. Over the last 15 years the project has expanded far beyond just training and language activities.

We have a passion for helping both the established community, as well as people who have arrived recently.  We are dedicated to promoting racial equality and understanding by breaking down language barriers.


  • To ensure that members of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Suffolk are proficient enough with their language skills to use all the public and private services available to them
  • To support these communities to develop their language skills


  • To support service providers in providing a quality service to their clients with the help/aid of interpreters
  • To provide training to translators and interpreters and help them to prepare for professional courses
  • Offer staff training to service providers